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Personalized Picture Frame - Poetry & Photo

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Do you feel creative? Do you want to write your own poem? Perhaps you would like to just write down your thoughts... it doesn't have to rhyme! Here's a chance to showcase the feelings you have been wanting to express. Just type them below and our designers will create a one-of-a-kind gift for you.

See tabs below for details
1. Optional Phrase Above Name:
2. Name(s) as seen above poem - Required:
3. Closing Phrase and Your Name(s) as seen after poem:
4. Optional Special Occasion Date:
5. Choose Text Color: 
6. Choose Photo Area (see Details tab for more information): 
7. Please type in your poem - Do not use all upper case lettering. (If you prefer a certain format to your poem please email us the poem in that format after you place your order. We will keep the poem with your line breaks if the design allows it. Recommendation for this design: 8 to 16 lines 1 to 12 words per line)
Sale price:
Please answer all questions - Thank you!
If you have a special message for a friend, husband, wife, or other family member that you've been wanting to convey and present to them as a gift, why not have your words designed by us in this gold metallic picture frame. Imagine the look on his or her face when they read words straight from your heart. This 5x7 inch picture frame with your poem and an optional photo area will surely become a treasured personal keepsake.

Photo Area

Your Poetry Gift can be designed with or without a cut-out opening next to the poem. Underneath the poem and photo cut-out is a heavy stock paper with the words "Place Photo Here.
  • There is no need to send us a photo. You or the gift recipient can easily add a photo after the Poetry Gift arrives. The photo is taped on that paper and positioned so that it is in back of the opening. You have the option of attaching a photo before you give the person the gift or the person receiving the gift can easily attach their photo.

  • The photo opening is approximately 3 x 4 inches. If you do not want a photo area in your Poetry Gift, choose the No Photo Area option when placing your order.

  • When you plan to send the Poetry Gift directly to someone and you have a photo you would like displayed in the photo area, we can insert your photo if you e-mail a photo attachment to us at after you place your order. Please let us know that you are emailing us your photo when you place your order by typing that information in the "Comment" section of the order form after you enter your email address.

Personalization Questions

Fill out the personalization questions above to order your Poetry Gift. Examples of answers are listed below.

  • 1. Phrase Above Name(s) - optional - (Examples: We Love You, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, etc.)

  • 3. Closing Phrase and Your Name (as seen after poem) - (Examples: Love Always, Anthony; With Love, Stacey; etc.)"

  • 7. Please type in your poem (do not use all upper case lettering) - This is where you will type in the poem, verse or sincere thoughts you have written. A Poetry Gifts designer will take the lines of type and design it into the Poetry Gift above making sure that it looks its best.

    Please look at the above design in order to determine a suitable poem length. We suggest your poem is no longer than 16 lines with about 12 words maximum a line. There are no set rules; this is just a suggestion. If your poem is much longer than the length we are suggesting, the font/type will need to be made smaller to accommodate your entire poem. If it is longer than the length suggested, please look at some of our other designs that accommodate longer poems. On the order form, please make sure to type your email address that you check often and phone number in case the designer needs to reach you with any questions. Unless you have permission from the author or poet, please only submit non-copyrighted works.

And there you have it...a meaningful personalized gift for a family member or friend to be read and enjoyed for years to come.
Personalized Poetry In A Gold Metallic Frame with Silver Border

elegant silver and gold metallic frame with outside dimensions of 6" x 8" and an easel back so it can be placed on any flat surface. Each frame has the outside dimensions of 6" x 8" with a 5"x7" area for the personalized poem. The poem and personalization are printed on high quality white linen paper. The back of the frame has an easel back for display on any table or desktop or it can be hung on a wall. The frame can be ordered with or without a 3" x 4" photo opening. Photo is inserted after delivery.

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personalized picture frame is awesome.
mount olive

this was one of the best things i have ever bought. they did a phenomenal job. it was perfect. i recommend this for everyone.